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Era 111 Konzentriertes Teppichshampoo TF-X 1+4

Packaged in 20 kg barrels.
Specially foamy concentrated ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo Main Raw Material TF-X5 TF-X 1+4
PROPERTIES: Richly foamy.Easy to rinse.Does not leave stciky residue.Thanks to its active foam formulation,it carries dirt from the bottom to the surface.Gives shine and softness.It is concentrated.It does not require the use of additional softener.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: TF-X 1+4 is mixed with four times the water and mixed with a low speed mixer until homogenous.(For example,if you have added 1 kg,add 4 kg of water and mix well).During the mixing process,it will be seen that the product becomes viscous.It is important to do the mixing process well and not to exceed the recommended amounts of water.It is recommended to use soft water as the quality of the water you will mix will affect the product quality.It will cause the product you prepared to smell bad.
USAGE: The product you have made into a carpet shampoo to be prepared according to the above proportions.

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