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Era 111 Konzentriertes Teppichshampoo TF-X SOLO KLASİK

Packaged in 20 kg barrels.
ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo Concentrate with lots of foam,TF-X SOLO,specially produced for professional carpet cleaning companies.
PROPERTIES: Richly foamy.Easy to rinse.Does not leave sticky residue.Thanks to its active foam formulation,it carries dirt from the bottom to the surface.Gives shine and softness.It is concentrated.It does not require the use of additional softener.
TF-X SOLO Carpet Shampoo Concentrate is produced with special technology.You can use the product directly by adding only 1 kg 500 liters of water.In this case,you can wash around 600-800 m2 carpets.
Since the product is a carpet shampoo concentrate,it will become a normal carpet shampoo when diluted 8 times.In this case,it is used by adding 5 kg to 500 liters of water and you can wash approximately 600-800 m2 carpets.
Direct Usage – 1 kg product per 500 liters – 600-800 m2 carpet washing.
Use By Diluting 8 Times – 5 kg product 600-800 m2 carpet washing with 500 liters of water..
You can also use the product as a stain remover by diluting it at a rate of 1 to 12.

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